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Beth Stone

11/6/15 2:03 PM
Math 7CC

Combining Like Terms - Khan Academy

There are 3 lessons on Khan Academy that you need to complete.

Assigned: 04/12/19 Category: Homework/Classwork/Benchmarks Points: 100 Due: 04/19/19


40 min of work time


8th Grade Khan Academy will be accepted for this time.

Assigned: 04/15/19 Category: Homework/Classwork/Benchmarks Points: 40 Due: 04/19/19

Math Homework Help

  1. Eureka Math - Parent Support
  2. Harvey Mudd Math Hotline
    • Math students from the college tutor students over the phone
    • 877.827.5462
    • September through May
      Sun – Thurs, 6–9 p.m.
  3. ​Khan Academy
  4. Common Core Sheets
    • Worksheets and "One Atta Time" feature for skill practice
    • Great place to work on basic skills needed for our complex math
  5. You can always "Google" it!  


Please come to class ready to learn!

  • 2 sharpened pencils
  • paper
  • charged chromebook
  • textbooks/journals
  • assignments

Make sure you have everything at your seat ready to learn.  You will no longer be allowed to borrow from others. You are responsible for the supplies you need.

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