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Kindergarten Locker



Children enter the playground through the gate. After the first day, parents should say goodbye to their children at the gate.


Class Time

K AM.-  8:30 to 12:00

K PM - 11:30-3:00

On Wednesday K PM - 10 - 1:30

We use every minute, so promptness and attendance are very important.



Please keep the teacher and your child well informed of the person(s) with whom he/she can leave school. If it is someone other than a parent, the teacher will need a note from you giving permission to release him/her on that day. Students will be dismissed out the playground gate.


Day Care

Before class, children are walked to the kindergarten gate. After class, children will be escorted by Day Care personnel.


Bus Children

Children who ride the bus will walk to the kindergarten playground. After class, they will be walked to the bus.

Please notify your teacher if your child will ride the bus daily.


Minimum Days (Afternoon class only)

Our school follows a minimum day schedule every Wednesday and on a few other special days.


Rainy Days(Morning class only)

Before school students wait in front of the school. Students will enter the classroom through the north door at 8:15.



There will be a simple daily snack break. Families will be asked to donate crackers for snack. Explanatory notes will be sent home soon.

Birthday “parties” are not given during class time. If you'd like, you may donate a book to the classroom in your child's name.



Please have your child eat before coming to school. Also, breakfast is served in the cafeteria each morning.

A restroom visit before leaving home is helpful as well.